The 9 Indispensable Fitness Secrets before Summer


Fitness Secrets before Summer

  • Are you tired of diets? Here you have 7 good habits secrets to eliminate a few pounds before the summer; just imagine if you incorporate these 7 fitness secrets to your life forever? You would always be in shape and be feeling great! Give it a try! Here we go!

It is important to set a clear and realistic goal, then work to reach it. Please do not obsess about your weight, instead invest the time to have a better quality of life and apply these great Fitness Secrets to your life because they will help you reach your goal.

Your body needs to move, needs to be active that is why it is extremely important the practice of physical exercise in your daily routine. If you don’t enjoy working out then try new activities such as walking, exploring new places, hiking, dancing, try a dance class, go to a party, learn a new hobbies, but get physical.

Ok, here we go!

1.-Drinking Water before Meals

Drink water before eating, it will help you to satisfy your hunger and improve your digestion. The more water you consume before and during your meals, the more you can help your body process it. Your kidneys and liver will also thank you. Our bodies are 70% water and we need constant water intake to help our organs function properly, the more we drink the better for our body.

Drinking Water before Meals

2.- Plan your meals.

Make a weekly planning of your meals and, make the shopping list. If the purchase is not planned, it is very likely that you end up eating or eating anything that damages the quality of your diet and makes it difficult to lose weight. The presence of unhealthy food at home increases the possibility of failure, so it could be said that it is a determining factor for success in the short and long term. Be open to try new things!

3. The plate method

When planning your meals and dinners I advise you to keep in mind the plate method that will help you ensure that they are balanced, varied and delimit quantities. Always give preference, with half your plate, to both raw and cooked vegetables. With salads, the amount ingested is usually not enough, so you should also not forget to also consume vegetables. A quarter of a plate should be proteins in the form of eggs, meat, fish, seafood, vegetable protein or legumes, and the other quarter of a plate should be made up of carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, potatoes or bread.

4.- Eat Healthy Super Snacks

If you are hungry before your next meal and do not want to compromise your weight and conscience. Then consider making a list of Healthy Super snacks of your choice, for example: celery and hummus, Greek Yogurt, raisins, walnuts, almonds, fruit salad, avocado and sugar crackers, apple slices and raw honey.

Eat Healthy Super Snacks

5.-Sleep to lose weight

It is proven that the lack of sleep increases the level of the hunger hormone called “Ghrelin”, and unfortunately decreases the production of hormones that give the sensation of satiety called “Leptin”. So do not deprive yourself of sleeping a minimum of 7 hours, your body will burn fat, sugar and calories so that during those 7 hours it stays at an optimal temperature so you can rest. Like while you sleep your body uses what it has in reserve to be able to function. When you wake up you will feel better, rested, stronger and thinner.

Sleep to lose weight

6.-No to Sugar

Stop eating high sugar foods, eliminate high sugar snacks altogether. Sugar is temporary fuel that does not allow you to eliminate body fat since your body runs on sugar, which does not allow you to burn fat so you can continue to consume more sugar. Replace those snacks with healthy snacks that are high in protein and natural fat, which will give you the feeling that you are satisfied and will take away your hunger. Read the labels, educate yourself about what you eat.

No to Sugar

7.-Hike or Trail Challenge

Do a Hike or Trail challenge, yes get your Hike gear out of the closet, or may be your running shoes out; now select where you will Hike or run or may be do a non stop walk. To get this challenge even better invite friends to join you. Doing challenges with company will help you push harder a bit more, you wouldn’t like to let your friends down so you will go the extra mile and do your best. Now when and who you will invite?  Don’t forget the water bottle.

Hike or Trail Challenge

8.-Time to try the Steam Room

It’s time to try out the Steam Room, did you know that is 10 times better than a Sauna? Why, because it will increase your body temperature and at the same time it will clean your entire skin, it will open your pores, will release toxins, will help you burn fat and will help you relax your entire body. You will need to drink plenty of water because of the hot temperature you will also lose water but at the end you will feel great. Do two sessions of 10 minutes Max.

Time to try the Steam Room


If you do not know how to swim then it’s the best time to learn how to swim. You don’t have to dominate all the styles but swimming is always recommended in fitness because it has low impact on your joints. The benefits when you swim are so many but just let me tell you that you work your entire body, all your muscles working together at the same time. You will burn fat and calories since your entire body will be working to move you along the swimming pool, and your body will also burn extra fat to maintain your body temperature; so it’s like a bonus. To make it fun, invite friends to join you. Swimming is one of the best fitness secrets because you can have fun and also lose weight.


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