How to Do a Teacup Arm Bar

How to Do a Teacup Arm Bar

Teacup Arm Bar

Rene Dreifuss: All right, guys. Chad is going to teach you a move he’s very good at, and it’s the teacup setup to the arm bar. Now before we had the teacup setup to the kimura. Now we have the teacup setup to the arm bar. Okay. It’s going to start in knee on the belly. All right. Chad.

Chad Hernandez: Okay. So we’re going to start in a basic side control position. So I’ll have Rene lie flat. And I have an under arm. Keep in mind that this move will not work if the arm’s in front of you like so. So I need to make sure that I’m in a proper, nice, tight side control. Now with this hand here I am going to get the . Also to assist us, I could bring the arm over and pull my partner to the side like so, staying nice and tight, keeping the elbow on my partner. Now I’m going to pop into a knee on belly position and with my free hand push that down and step over. I’m going to sit down to where my foot’s at and start attacking right into an arm bar transition. This hand grabs the arm over and nice and slow into the position. Let’s do it at another angle. So I’ll have Rene right over here. Okay. Side control. Get the control. body. Arm over. Pump to the side. Pop into the knee on belly. Free hand. Push the head down, and step over. My butt is going to sit down to where my foot’s at as I turn right to my partner. I’m going to establish hand control. my free hand comes over the arm. Grab my upper trapezius. And I slowly go. That is a teacup arm bar from the side control position.

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