Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee – A must read book!


Jeet June Do

Jeet Kune do is a modern martial art created by Bruce Lee. This art incorporates many elements of Kung Fu, Fencing, and Boxing. It is abbreviated as JKD and it is practiced worldwide.
Today this book is the perfect match to my black coffee and cheesecake.

As I read it I find many evolving techniques which most of all martial artist know but with analytical improvements and enhancements. I would recommend this for to any Martial Artist, not to push them into another system but to think outside the box.

“The way of intercepting the fist or foot”

Here on this video, you will see Bruce Lee himself introducing this concept.

If you are young and wonder who is this Bruce Lee, here is a video where you can learn more about him. In a few words we could say he was a pioneer in the martial arts, he created Jeet Kune Do and today is a system with many students all over the world. He was the star of many famous Martial Art movies, he was the co-star of the TV show called “The green hornet” but in China, it was called “Kato’s show”.

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