Taekwondo Step Behind Technique

Step Behind Technique

Step Behind Technique

I’m going to be showing you guys how to do a step behind the technique. OK, I’m going to stay into a fighting stance, one. I’m going to first demonstrate. A step behind technique looks like this. With my back leg, I’m going to step behind my back, coming forward like this. If you notice, my stance has switched. So one more time. And, one, this way.

Now while I’m doing the footwork, I can throw out a kick. So I can throw out a roundhouse kick. So I’m going to first demonstrate. And throw a kick this way. One more time. This way. So to show a little slower. When you step behind, make sure you don’t step too far out so you don’t go one, OK? Then you lose balance. I like to keep it short. One, and turn your head, looking at the target back. Two, now raise your knees up and throw the roundhouse kick. One more time. Step behind short, turn your head. Look at the target again. This way. So one more time, a little faster speed. And throw a roundhouse kick.

Now you can use also an axe kick. So from here. And throw an axe kick.

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