Taekwondo Kicking Techniques

Taekwondo Kicking Techniques

Kicking Techniques

The kicks in this Korean Olympic sport are the soul of the art. It is a very demanding martial art, which requires physical skills of agility, flexibility, coordination and speed.

Since Taekwondo is a competitive contact sport, it is important that the practitioner can master the following techniques required for combat competition.

Jumping Kicks

  • Jumping Front Kick
  • Double Jumping Front Kick
  • Jumping Side Kick
  • Jumping Back Kick
  • Jumping Roundhouse Kick
  • Jumping Crescent Kick (Outside to Inside)
  • Jumping Crescent Kick (Inside to Outside)
  • Jumping Hook Kick
  • Jumping Ax Kick

Spinning Kicks

  • Back Spinning Kick
  • Side Spinning Kick
  • Spinning Hook Kick
  • Spinning Crescent Kick (Outside to Inside)
  • Spinning Crescent Kick (Inside to Outside)

Spinning & Jumping Kicks

Taekwondo Techniques

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