Taekwondo Front Kick

Taekwondo Front Kick

A front kick or Ap Chagi is a powerful technique found in many martial arts, very effective in self-defense techniques and in sparring. You will find this technique in many Poomaes. There are several options, to name a few combinations:

  • Front jumping front kick
  • Front thrust kick with your back leg
  • Front snap kick with your front leg
  • Double front kick

All these depend on its basic version, but there when sparring you have certain rules and options you need to follow. In today’s tournaments executing this kick to the face is illegal and might get you disqualified. In the street, if you execute it to defend yourself if your life is threatened then you can legally do it.

Front Kick Step by Step

Front Kick Step by Step

Let’s go over the steps to properly execute this kick:

  • Get started on a fighting stance.
  • Keep your hands up
  • Bring your knee up and aim at your target
  • Extend your leg hitting your target
  • Kick with the ball of your foot.
  • Bring your leg back keeping your knee up and now put your foot down

Keep in mind when you kick someone there will be a natural reaction, if you kick someone in the groin he will lean forward and put his hands in his groin, if you kick someone in the stomach they will fall or bend over. A kick practiced 100 times better than many practiced randomly, work on perfecting every kick.


  • Do a 10-minute warm-up
  • Always stretch your body, lower back, hips, and legs before kicking
  • Work on your balance because you might be able to kick high but with no balance those kicks are useless
  • Do not lean when kicking because you might lose your balance
  • Always keep your hands up when kicking

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Front Kick effective?
The front kick is one of the first kicks that beginners learn, it is very effective for both combat and self-defense. It is not difficult to learn and it does not require much effort since it is a natural movement of the leg, it also has variations that make it an interesting technique.
how can I block a front kick?
To block a front kick you can do the following:
-Use a low block.
-Step out of the line of attack.
-Lift your knee to block the kick.
-Get closer as soon as he tries to kick pushing him off his balance.
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