Down Block in Taekwondo

Down Block

Down Block in Taekwondo

I’m going to be showing you guys down block counterattack technique. So me and my partner, he’s going to stand in a closed stance. Now closed stance is, our stomach is facing the opposite direction. So my partner’s stomach is facing this way, my stomach is facing that way. Now we have this thing called an open stance. An open stance is when my partner switches the leg and both our stomach is facing the same direction. But we’re going to first practice on the closed stance first.

So we are in a closed stance, and again, one of the basic attack my opponent could do is throw a rear leg roundhouse kick and if I’m in closed stance, I’m going to get hit by the back. So if I demonstrate, he checks, and throws a roundhouse kick, bang. And if I stay still, I’m just going to get hit. So this is where down block applies. A down block looks like this, first of all. One, if he’s throwing with this leg, I’m going to block down. Now I’m going to use a knife hand down block. You can use a fist down block, but I prefer a down block with a knife hand.

So this is what I’m going to do. My opponent throws his right leg. I’m going to slide in a little bit, block, and pull a counter punch. Bang. Right after you throw the punch, throw your rear leg, bang. Roundhouse kick this way. So one more time, a little faster speed. This way.

Now what if your opponent attacks your stomach area? Not the back. So we’re in an open stance. So we’re here, and my opponent again uses his rear leg and attacks my stomach. Now this time we’re not going to use the down block like this from the outside. Because again, an error happens, he throws a kick, and I block this way. Again, wrong side. I almost used this hand, the same side. So we throw the kick, block, and front hand punch.

So one more time, and the front leg, counterattack with the roundhouse kick. So one more time, he’s going to attack, down block one, punch, front leg roundhouse kick. One more time a little faster. And that’s how we counter down block technique.

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