How to Do a Table Tennis Forehand Loop

What’s really important is, in table tennis, we have three types of balls that we go up against. Three or four really. One is when the person gives us really heavy under-spin. When they give us really heavy under-spin we need to use our legs, our hips, and our arm, and our forearm, and our wrist. So we basically get all the power in the loop from our legs. It’s really important to know in table tennis when we use the forehand loop that all the power comes from the legs, the hips, the forearm, and the wrist. So everything gets transferred together. We’re trying to use a lot of the legs, the hips and the forearm and we’re trying to transfer it into our hand so that we get enough speed so that we can spin the ball.

Peter A Soto is a Black Belt with more than 20 years of experience, athlete, teacher and webmaster. Based in the city of San Diego, California.

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