T-Test Agility using cones

T-Test Agility using cones

Chris Krueger the T-Test Agility Drill. Agility is the ability to start, stop, change directions and accelerate quickly and is absolutely vital to your performance as an all-natural athlete. A simple way to measure agility is with the T-Test.

To perform the T-Test you will need a stop watch, 4 cones (or other markers) and a flat area about 10 square yards (track, turf, grass, or a wood court will all suffice).

The cones will be arranged in a T-Shape. You will sprint from cone A to B and touch it with your right hand. Then shuffle left and touch cone C with your left hand. Now Shuffle right and touch cone D with your right hand. Shuffle left back to cone B, touch it with your left hand and back peddle to cone A.

You can hold the stop watch and time yourself or have a friend time you. Make 4 attempts and record your scores. Use a two minute rest interval between each attempt.

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