How to do Sword and Hammer in Kenpo Karate

How to do Sword and Hammer in Kenpo Karate

Sword and Hammer

Sword and hammer is the 10th self-defense technique found in the yellow belt rank in the American Kenpo Karate system created by Edmund Parker. A technique against a right shoulder grab with very simple but effective moves that anyone can learn.

Technique step by step:

  • As your right shoulder is grabbed immediately hold that right hand with your left hand to keep the attacker from escaping.
  • At the same time, you grab his hand hit his throat with a right-hand sword strike to his neck.
  • Lastly, use the same arm to hit the groin area, some styles might aim to the middle section. But to really cancel the attack you should hammer the groin.
  • Cover out.


  • Check and pin the grabbing hand otherwise it might turn into a punch in the face.
  • If you are pulled into the attacker and get too close use an elbow strike instead of the hand sword.

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