How to do Swinging Pendulum Self Defense Technique

How to do Swinging Pendulum Self Defense Technique

Swinging Pendulum

Swinging Pendulum is a self-defense technique found in the purple belt rank, a technique against a front right roundhouse kick. Remember all Kenpo self-defense techniques can be executed on both sides, you can also modify the angles of execution and the technique will still work but you will need to adjust the weapons.

Swinging Pendulum Step by Step

Let’s go over the steps:

  • As the kick comes in to execute a cross or universal block.
  • Shuffle in to deliver a right hammer strike to the groin, this action makes the attacker lean forward.
  • Finish the technique with an obscure elbow strike to the throat and the cover out.

Swinging Pendulum Recommendations

  • Try to do your hammer strike right after the kick touches your universal block, this will totally control your opponent.

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