How to survive a knife attack with Krav Maga

Knife self-defense technique

Learn the different options Krav Maga has available for knife attacks. The technique is a knife attack at close range, direct strike to the middle section. In this case when there is no other option you need to shield yourself with your arms and counter-attack. Know the importance to block the attack and at the same time deliver a strike to cancel the attacker’s intentions.

As soon as the attack is blocked and you counter-attack, he might drop the weapon or not try to use it because of the pain. Then you have a second to take over and continue till you take him down; because if you don’t he will come back again and again.

Here is a different approach but very valid.

He came to stab, my first motion is out of the line of that strike, as his hand comes down, I will attack his forearm and pin it to his body, at the same time I’m going to punch him in the face and grab the hand, so it’s a complex motion.

You’re going to bring it to the side, lock his arm on top of you, grab and isolate his wrist as close as you can be to his body and at the same time deliver a strike. So, one more time.

Once you’re here, you’re going to grab the thumb, keeping a window here, making sure that he cannot open his hand, like this. Since he cannot open his hand, he cannot transfer the knife either, I can maintain possession of the wrist, I’m going to move out and lift the knife to a place that is between us, that I can always see and that is as far away from my face, and as I’m going to do it I’m going to deliver a kick to the groin and put all the energy on the wrist to buckle it and bring him to the ground.

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