How to do Striking Serpent’s Head Self Defense Technique

How to do Striking Serpent’s Head Self Defense Technique

Striking Serpent’s Head

Striking Serpent’s Head is a self-defense against a front bear hug where your arms are free. This attack could be a front tackle you see on football games, the main purpose is just to take you down. The question would be what would happen if you are taken down? Depending on the power of this tackle then the outcome could variate.

Let’s go over the steps:

  • Right foot back on a forward bow to have a good strong stance to support you and your attacker.
  • Your left-hand goes over his head with a back knuckle.
  • Your right elbow hits and holds his right arm at the same time.
  • Then use your left hand and anchor your elbow to move him to your left.
  • Lastly,y use a right leopards paw to hit the front of the neck.
  • Cover out and keep your hands on.

It is important to say that you might have this technique under a different name in your Kenpo system, you may also find out that you do not have it at all. We are not saying anything against it but we believe these techniques should be included because you will find them sooner or later as you go through your ranks, Striking Serpent’s head is found on your Short form 3.


  • No hair, no problem just grab the nose or the eye and pull.

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