How to do a Straight Heel Palm Strike

How to do a Straight Heel Palm Strike

Straight Heel Palm Strike

This is the Heel of Palm Strike found in many martial arts. In Kenpo Karate you will it in several self-defense techniques, sets, and forms.

  • This strike can create a lot of damage, you can aim the nose, chin, and even the chest. On the middle section, you will need to modify the palm strike turning your finger to the outside or inside depending on the angle you are.

You can also strike the groin but face your fingers down.


  • Never overextend your arm, this will prevent any possible elbow injury. Keep in mind that having a semi-curved arm can help you deliver an elbow strike faster if needed.
  • Keep your arms up and your other hand should be ready if the Heel palm fails or if it needs a secondary strike.

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