How to Do Straight Arm Lock

Straight Arm Lock

Alright guys, now we are going to do a straight arm lock which is mechanically a little similar to a burn arm lock in that we are bending the elbow, but we’re going to be on top instead of underneath the person. Now, most of the time you’re going to hit this off of a defendant Americana. Let me show you. We are going to do it from side control and mount. Alright, so begin. We’ve got a good position. I’m going for the Americana. And he straightens his arms. Alright, now. What I am going to do to stop him from switching arms.

I want to have that nice motorcycle, but I messed up. So I have to follow him. I have to follow him. Okay? If you stay here and he straightens out, then you will lose the grip. Okay? So here, follow him. And now, I’m going to base my elbow on the floor and push down. One more time. Here. Again. I can do this for mount as well. Follow the arm. Lift up. Lift up, push down. Again. Bob here, Americana. Follow the arm. Lift up. Lift up. Push down. One more time. Both positions. And that’s a straight arm lock from side control and mount.

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