The Public Attack Experiment

Public Attack Experiment

Public Attack

Many people walking by were seeing a guy attacking a young woman, but no one had the courage to defend her at all. Not even able to call the police or call someone. No the question for you, if this woman was a relative of yours? How would you feel that nobody was able to help her? Exactly! That’s is why women should learn Martial Arts.

These guys set up a social experiment to see how people react when they witness violence against women. Do you think they stop? Do they care? Do you think someone will help? Violence is one of the reasons why I recommend women to learn martial arts, not to fight or go to tournaments but for self-defense. Women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence, that is why they need to know what to do.

Picture a stay at home mom with two kids and then out of the sudden she goes to the supermarket or she is at home, then someone tries to break in…. someone tries to steal her purse… someone tries to take one of the kids…  What would she do?? If she calls the police it will take time for them to be there. BUT if she had known Krav Maga, Kenpo Karate or any other Martial art, she would have done something; with a few years of constant training, she could have kept her kids safe. She will have confidence, strength, and determination.

As you will see in this video, many did not stop to help at all, so what if this happens to anyone in your family? How would you react knowing there is a percentage that no one will stop to help out?