How to Do a Stiff-Legged DeadLift

How to Do a Stiff-Legged DeadLift

Stiff-legged deadlift

So, your deadlift, you want your feet shoulder-width apart. For the stiff-legged deadlift, there are a few variations of the deadlift. For the stiff-legged deadlift, you want to keep your legs relatively straight and pretty much you’re just going to reach all the way down, again pushing your hips back, you’re going to reach all the way down, touch the floor, or almost touch the floor, and then bring it right back up.


So your form here is really important. You want to keep your shoulders rolled back and your chest up. Your abs are always tight throughout every exercise you do. But when you reach all the way down, you want to make sure, the tendency is to roll that spine under just like this, but you’re not going to feel it. You’re going to release the tension from those legs, the back of the legs and your butt. So you want to really roll the shoulders back. Keep the chest up. Come straight down. Reach all the way down to the floor and then press it right back up.

So, the focus here is more on the hamstrings, the back of the legs. Also, the butt as you come up. But you’re going to feel a deep stretch as you come all the way down in that back of the leg, this hamstring part right here. So, again your shoulders are rolled back. Your chest is up. You’re going to come all the way down. Keep those legs relatively straight. Soften the knees slightly, so slight bend in the knee. Bring it all the way down. Reach down and then slowly bring it up. As you come up, you want to also think about pressing through those heels here and squeezing your butt as you come up.

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