Step Forward Step Back

Step Forward Step Back

I’m going to be teaching you guys how to apply the step forward and step back technique in sparring. So again, I’m going to first demonstrate the step forward and the step back technique.

OK, so step forward technique, you’re going to step forward with your rear leg and come in closer to your opponent, this way. So one more time. I’m going to step back and step forward, this way.

Now, the step back technique is your front leg, it doesn’t matter, whichever, you bring it back, and stepping away from your opponent. So one more time. Step back. Now I am with my partner and I’m going to apply this drill in sparring.

So the first thing I want to do is take a step forward. Again, from the video before, we do a step forward check. Now I do a step forward check. If my opponent is not doing anything, is hesitating, indecisive, I do an initial attack and go for the clinch. So one more time, a little faster. It’s going to look like this. I’m in a fighting stance. I step forward and go for the clinch. One more time. Step forward, this way.

Now a step back technique looks like this. Now, sometimes, when I’m sparring, my opponent can be throwing his attack. So let’s say he throws a roundhouse kick. One. I step back. That’s one way to dodge your attack. One more time. He’s going to attack with his rear leg. I’m going to take a step back. And that’s one way to dodge his attack. Now you can counter back with your roundhouse kick. One more time, a little slower. Again, slowly, one step back and step forward. A little faster speed and going in this way.

Now we can actually apply stepping in and stepping out at the same time. Maybe I’d like to bait my opponent. So I’m in a stance here. I like to step forward. Make him kick me. Now he’s going to throw the kick. I step back. He lands forward, and throw that kick. One more time, a little slower. One. Step Back and land forward, this way.

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