Step Forward Step Back & Back Kick Taekwondo Training

Stepping Forward and Back in Taekwondo

Stepping Forward and Back in Taekwondo

I’m going to show you how to use a step forward and a step back technique using the back kick attack. So now I’m in a fighting stance, we’re in a close stance. OK, again, I like to bait my opponent a little bit. So what I’m gonna do is close in the distance by adding the check. Stepping forward this way.

Now I kind of play the waiting game. So if my opponent bites the bate, he throws the kick. I can throw a back kick, or a jump back kick, I like to use it. So one more time really slow. I step forward and throw that kick. A little faster, this way.

Now my opponent could attack me, so what I’m going to do is use a step back attack. Now I’m gonna kind of time this one. He might throw, not just one, but two roundhouse kicks at me. So I’m gonna be over here, and maybe he might use a hop step roundhouse kick, one. And I step back, boom.

Now he’s gonna use that second kick, and instead of stepping back this time, again, add the jump back kick. So one more time. He attacks twice. And that’s how we apply the step forward and step back technique using the back kick attack.

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