Starbucks Reserve

Siphon Brewing at Starbucks Reserve

Today Sensei Peter had to make a stop in Palm Springs, California. I had heard about this “out of this world” new Starbucks offering new flavors. So I had to go and there I was. This is the Menu:

Starbucks Reserve Menu Palm Springs California

I tried the Nitro Cold Brew Float and it turned out to be the most delicious Coffee with Vanilla Ice Cream. While I was having my delicious coffee I noticed three little glass containers, I asked the barista what those were because I thought those were only decoration, then said “would you like to try a Siphon Brew? In my mind, I said to myself… “You only live this life once”, so I said, “yes, please!”.

Wait… Did you say Siphon Brewing?

Yes, the Siphon brewing method uses a vacuum process to brew your coffee. When told me about this Siphon Brewing coffee I had to go and see it myself. So there I was… There are two glass chambers and the water in the lower chamber is heated, then when it boils the force makes it rise to the upper chamber. Then you add the fresh “Special Selection Coffee” on the top chamber, then all that beauty goes back to the first chamber… at this point the coffee smell is everywhere, you should have seen my face… well I made a video you can believe this experience, here it is.

Visit the Starbucks Reserve in Palm Springs… Get ready to be blown away with coffee flavor…

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