Standing Triceps Extension

Doing Standing Triceps Extension

The Standing Triceps Extension

This a Standing Tricep Extension using a dumbbell, you could also use a kettlebell, a weighted rope, and even chains as well.  You will need to grip a single dumbbell with both hands, keep your elbows stationary and extend them to raise the weight keeping a straight posture to increase effectiveness.


  • Start with small weight, then add more as your progress
  • Keep a good posture with back straight
  • Feet shoulder width to have good balance while doing your repetitions
  • 3 repetitions of 10 are what you could get started
  • Do not use too much weight if you have not done this before
  • Keep your elbows pointing up to the ceiling to avoid getting hit with the dumbbell on your back
  • Inspect the dumbbell before using it in your workout

The Rope Tricep Extension is a similar exercise you can try to enhance your training.

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