Standing Half Forward Bend – Ardha Uttanasana

Ardha Uttanasana

Ardha Uttanasana

Learn to practice the often under taught ardha uttanasana (standing half forward bend), a pose that perfectly sets up chaturanga if done correctly. This pose stretches the front torso, strengthens the back, improves posture and stimulates the belly.

Stand erect. Spread the legs hip distance apart Exhale, bend forward and hold the big toes between the thumbs and the first two fingers, so that the palms face each other. Hold them tight. Keep the head up, stretch the diaphragm towards the chest and make the back as concave as possible. Instead of stretching down from the shoulders, bend forward from the pelvic region to get the concave shape of the back from the coccyx.Keep the legs, knees and toes stiff. Stretch the shoulder blades also with normal breathing for up to a minute. Then, with an exhale, release your torso into full Uttanasana (standing full forward bend).

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