How to do the Standing Big Toe Pose

How to do the Standing Big Toe Pose

Standing Big Toe Pose

So coming into standing big toe pose, to first work the anatomy of the posture, we’ll do it on the ground. So we can take the balance element out. So come to lie onto your back. And keep the right leg straight. Take yourself into half happy baby. So first, take the hand on the knees, squeeze the knee in. You’re going to grab for pinky toe side of the foot, but the elbow comes on the inside of the knee. So you’re going to allow the whole groin to open. The thigh to reach down towards the floor. I’m giving myself a little kick upwards into the hand, but also pressing downwards. So we have that energy between the two. Right hand under right hip, so I keep both hips securely onto the ground. Take a breath in. And an exhale. Deep breath in. And an exhale.

So we’re just going to turn this into standing. So once you come to standing, we’ll root the right foot onto the floor as your foundation. And then you take two peace fingers into your toe. So you’re going to take the knee in towards the chest, two peace fingers to toes, and you’ll see how it’s a similar position that you were onto the floor. Right hand comes to right hip. That helps you find your bandas. So you got hula bandas. Engage there. Knee in towards your chest.

And then as you start to extend the foot, strap is a beautiful thing to use right now. If you’re not able to grab onto your toes. So just to say that you can take a strap on to the foot. Otherwise, two peace fingers to toes. Squeeze the knee in towards the arm. And then as you extend, reach in the heel away from you. And the thigh bone in towards you.

So you have these two energies happening. Heel reaching away. And thigh bone setting back in towards your pelvis. The heart is lifted. Shoulders are relaxed, and integrated. Right? So you’re not reaching out of the socket, but integrating your shoulder into the socket. And you can take your right hand into half prayer, if you like. This is standing big toe pose.

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