Stance set 1 American Kenpo Karate

Stance set 1 in American Kenpo Karate

The Stance set 1 in American Kenpo Karate is found in Orange Belt, is the basic set of foot maneuvers containing the main Kenpo stances you will see in all of the forms. This set is basically the first step to a strong foundation with all the Kenpo karate forms.

American Kenpo Karate Stance set 1 with Associate Professor Juan Serrano.

The stances you will find are:

  • Attention Stance
  • Training Horse Stance
  • Neutral bow
  • 45% Cat stance
  • Reverse bow
  • Rear Twist Stance
  • Rotating Twist Stance
  • Fighting Horse Stance

For testing purposes, you will need to add the proper Kenpo Karate salutation on this set 1.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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