How to do Squeezing the Peach Self Defense Technique

Squeezing the Peach

Squeezing the Peach Kenpo Karate Self Defense Technique, found in the purple belt rank. The attack here is a rear bear hug with your arms pinned.

Let’s go over the technique step by step:

  • As you are being grabbed move your left foot back while you deliver a left hammer fist and then grab the groin.
  • Now that you grabbed the groin pull him with you as you move to your 3 o’clock.
  • Go to your left on a reverse bow, he might be grabbing his groin because he’s in pain.
  • Do a left scoop kick to his groin and buckle his right leg, finish the technique with an obscure elbow to the jaw.
  • Cross out.


  • Your buckle should come out right after the scoop kick, don’t wait for it.

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