Master the Splits in Two Weeks or Less

Master Splits in Two Weeks or Less - 1 Essential Routine

Splits in Two Weeks or Less

Flexibility is a must in certain Martial Arts if you love to kick then you need this. I will show you effective exercises that REALLY WORK. If you go over this list and read my recommendations you will get great results, improve your flexibility, be able to do the splits, and deliver better kicks in sparring.

Are you ready to stretch?

Here are my most important tips on stretching:

  • Warm-up!  Always Warm-up! do not stretch without warming up, get your blood moving because is important to get your body activated.
  • be patient and don’t force your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, take it easy
  • create a routine and keep up with it, be consistent and keep going
  • follow these exercises carefully so you don’t get hurt
  • keep in mind results depend on your body mass, how active you are, the kind of physical activity you do, and your age.

1.- Feet together, relax your lower back and try to reach your toes. You need to be relaxed, your knees need to be straight, and try to take your chest to your knees. Hold it for 20 seconds then try again. Try to reach your toes, if you can’t then reach your ankles, if you can’t then your shins.

2.- Try the “Frog Stance“, this is one of my favorites and one of the most effective exercises ever. I think is one of the best because you are stretching both legs at the same time using your own weight. Sit on the mat like in a Kneel stance then open your legs, make sure your hips are aligned with your knees, then rest and let gravity stretch your legs for you.

You can lean to your left and hold for 10 seconds, then do the same on the other side. To increase the effectiveness of the frog stance, place both hands on the mat and push until you keep your back straight. This will help you stretch your legs, hips, and lower back at the same time.

3.- Here is the same “Frog Stance” from another angle. Another option would be to lean forward so your weight stretches your legs and hips at the same time. If you are advanced then you can ask for someone to slowly sit on your lower back to help you stretch more.

4.- This is the Half Frog Stance, then you can stay there for a few seconds and do the same on with the other side.

5.- Once you mastered the Frog Stance you can extend both legs. If you would like to make it more interesting take your chest to the mat and then extend your arms.

6.-From having both feet together you can bring one leg to the back and slowly extend it without forcing it. To successfully achieve a front split like this you need to do a few repetitions on each side and then rest. Remember do not force your legs or do not stretch without warming up.

7.- From the Frog Stance you can easily stretch both legs at the same time, for me is one of the best and fastest ways to do the splits. Remember you need to stretch your lower back, hips, and joints from the waist down.

7.- Sit with your back straight, bend one leg, and stretch the other leg out. Now lean forward and hold it for 10 seconds, then repeat again, after you are done with the right side, do your left side.

9.- To be flexible you also need to stretch your hips and lower back, not just your legs. Here are two of my favorite exercises that will really help you out.

10.- This exercise is very effective too and is one of my favorites because you relax your legs against the wall without pushing them, the just pure law of gravity, then you pull your way up as your legs are going down. (yes, this is me)

9.- These two kids were my students years ago, they were crazy to do the splits and wanted faster results… Well, they did it after years of training… They were Felipe and Sebastian, both pull their muscles and could barely walk for a while….so if you want to be able to walk then DON’T DO THIS AT HOME

10.- Remember that anything is possible but you need to be constant and devote time to warm up and stretch your entire body starting from the lower back, waist, hips, and then your legs. Remember when you kick your entire body moves together to deliver the kick, your lower back has to lean back to allow the hip to align with the knee to kick.

Create a daily schedule with a set number of exercises you will constantly do every day to get your goal. Write down your workout hours so you don’t forget to do your work.

Lastly, this is a wonderful Video Routine with step-by-step exercises to help you stretch your legs and prepare them for kicking. You can create your daily routine just like this and do your best step by step.

Keep in mind you also need to stretch your hips and lower back. When kicking you will need the alignment of your knees with your hips and shoulders, that is why you also need to stretch them, here you have 3 great stretch exercises:

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