Splits and stretching Recommendations

stretching Recommendations

Stretching is essential in martial arts, your entire body has to be ready to avoid injuries. A martial artist has to be responsible for its own body and stretching is one of the main topics in martial arts. Many martial artists hurt themselves when they are doing the wrong exercises or are pushing their joints too much.

We all agree kicking is one of the favorite techniques in martial arts regardless of the style. One of the most common injuries comes when the martial artist is trying to kick higher that he/she can, because of that the joints suffer a shock and sometimes the supporting leg goes along with the kick and the student falls landing on his butt or lower back (this can lead to lower back injury).

Please consider these tips to get a better flexibility and improve your kicks:

    • Always warm up before stretching
    • Stretch both legs equally
    • Stretch your hips equally
    • Do not over push your legs
    • Maintain for a few seconds and then release, 10 seconds is recommended
    • Stretch your lower back
    • Be responsible and know your limits
    • DO NOT FOOL AROUND when you stretch because all clowns in martial arts get injured
    • Set up a routine and follow it

One of the most important aspects is to be responsible and be alert, forcing your legs too much too soon can get you injured or subject to a big muscle, tendon or ligament injury. An injury like that can get you out of sports right away.

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