How to Do a Spinning Hook Kick

spinning hook kick

Spinning Hook Kick

This kick is a powerful one, it is found in many martial arts under different names. This kick requires a proper execution of the hook kick, good balance and a good stretching. The kick can be generate a lot of power and can knock out a person.

Spinning Hook Kick Step by Step

  • Start on your fighting stance with your hands up and left foot back
  • With your hands up aim your with your right shoulder your target
  • Now move your right foot in front of your left foot as you also turn your upper body
  • Keep turning and lift your left knee aiming your target
  • Extend your leg to reach the target and kick the target with your foot
  • Land your foot keeping your hands up and go back to your fighting stance


  • Keep your hands up at all times
  • Align your shoulder, hip, knee and foot when you kick
  • Use your hip to increase the power of this kick
  • You need to know the target before delivering this kick

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