How to do a Spinning Back Kick

Spinning Back Kick

Here is one of the most famous kicks on Martial Arts. This kick is found in Kenpo Karate, traditional Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Savate and many other martial arts but with a different name. In Taekwondo (Bandae Dwit Chagi) is being broken down by Aaron Gassor, a 2nd Degree Black Belt in ITF Taekwon-do. On this video, he explains how to execute this kick in light/semi sparring, full contact and street fighting.

Important recommendations for the Spinning Back Kick technique:

  • While in a fighting stance keep your hands up and aim your target with your front shoulder.
  • Turn to keep your hands up and when you finish turning your body is when you deliver the kick.
  • After you kick the target drop your foot while your hands are up and go back to your previous stance.

Is important to keep your shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee aligned while kicking keeping your back straight to increase speed and power. Keep your eyes on the target, do not look around while you are doing this technique.


  • Master the proper way to execute a Back kick, then add the proper turn and practice to make the improvement.
  • Stretch your lower back, your hips, and your hamstrings because turning and adding hip power can sometimes force muscles and tendons too much if not properly warmed up and stretched.

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