How to Do a Spinning Back Fist

Now we’re doing a spinning back fist in kick boxing. Obviously, a back fist is with the back of the fist, but we’re going to do it now in one continuous movement. So we’re going to start with a one-two hook, so one-two hook. I’m going to continue going. Now my lead leg is going to step across, because I want to line up eventually later on with my opponent. I’m going to step across, turn my foot right from here. I’m going to transfer my weight to my lead leg going forward, coming up real quick, pick up my opponent, opposite hand stays up, extend the back first, elbow comes up first, back first. And then right from here, right back to my stance, okay?

Now we’ll do it as we could also travel with our back fist. So it will look something like this. One-two hook, stepping forward, now going forward, spin boom, continue right back into my stance. So one-two, right back into my stance. One more time, one-two hook, spin, right back into my stance. Now we’re going to demonstrate this same move on the bag. First we’ll start with the stationary. So it’s one-two hook, it doesn’t have to be a hook. It can be any combo, but for now I’m just doing the hook. So one-two hook, continue stepping across the bag, so later on my back is kind of in line with the bag, turn, pivot, pivot, transfer my weight. Pick up my opponent, elbow comes up, boom-boom-boom, back fist and right back to my original stance.

Boom-boom-boom, turn, right back to my stance. One-two hook, across my face, hand stays up, right back to my stance. Now if I’m a little further away, let’s say I missed my attack whatever. I throw a kick, boom, I come here, step forward, right back to my stance. So once again, say I miss or I can initiate the move just by stepping forward. Doesn’t matter, I step, come right back to my stance and right back, okay? So here, here, right back to my stance. Now in regards to the spinning back fist, if you want it a little bit more in combination, you could also do one-two hook, continue, back fist. As you’re coming back, back first, okay? Step, back fist, back fist, okay? One-two hook, step, back fist, back fist. And right back to your stance every time. And that’s how you do a spinning back fist in kick boxing.

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