Uchi Uke Traditional Karate block


Uchi Uke

Uchi Uke Traditional Karate block, this is a middle block. It starts from the inside to the outside, mostly used against punches such as Tate Zuki and Seiken Zuki. We can see this Uchi Uke in many traditional Kata.


  • Keep your back straight, do not lean forward with your arm and let the arm take care of the block.
  • Make sure your stance is executed properly because if you have a weak stance your block will not have support which will make it fail.
  • Do not overextend your arm, make sure you block to end on where your body ends, your block is protecting you not whoever is on your right or left.
  • Close your fist properly, because you could use the same arm you are using to counter-attack.

Karate Techniques

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