Social Facilitation

I was always told, to become a lion you must train with lions…

Now why workout alone? Find a band of brothers who can help you achieve strength, stamina, agility, solidarity, power and much more.

Have you noticed when you run you do good, but when a woman is staring at you… you speed up and show off a little bit. That is “Social Facilitation” because we tend to perform better when we know we are being watched. That is the same thing when we train with other people.

These were our ten most encouraging routine exercises we found most successful in Social Facilitation settings:

  • The lion walk: low pushup position, flex your glutes and stay on your toes.
  • Burpees, situps, and jumping lunges.
  • Dumbbell deadlifts, curls and plank jacks.
  • 300-meter cardio row, alternate Russian twists, and V-sits.
  • Run 50 yards, bear crawl and run 10 yards back and forth.
  • 5 minute warm up on a cardio machine, 30-minute slowdown and then repeat again.
  • Play Moby’s “Flower” while you are in pushup position, lower your body when you hear “Bring Sally down”, hold.
  • Do a descending pyramid (drop 2 reps each set) 3-minute dumbbell circuit.
  • Overgrip pull-ups. With palms forward, hang from a bar using the heels of your hands.
  • Do mountain climbers for 15 seconds, rest 15 seconds and complete another set.


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Peter A Soto is a Black Belt with more than 20 years of experience, athlete, teacher and webmaster. Based in the city of San Diego, California.