Slide Forward & Slide Back Technique Taekwondo Training


Sliding in Taekwondo

Slide Forward & Slide Back

So again, we’re going to stay in our basic fighting stance. My partner is going to stay in an open stance. Again, open stance means our stomach is facing in the same direction.

Now the first thing I want to do, again, maybe initiates the attack. I want to go and attack him first. So again, I like to slide in, but again, do it like a feint, check. Like that. At the check, at the kiyap.

Now if my opponent, again, is hesitating or being indecisive, then you go for the roundhouse kick or any other kicks. So again, I’m going to stand here, I slide in. And throw that kick.

One more time, a little slow. I check, sliding in. This way. One more time, a little faster. Right here. Make sure you get that right distance.

And now, the slide back technique. Now my opponent is going to stay, again, we’re going to be in the open stance. He’s going to throw his leg at me. I slide back, one, and counter with a, again, roundhouse kick. You can attack the back.

So one more time. I like to use my rear leg. I’m here, well balanced, slide back. And go for the clinch. A little slower. Slide. Like that. One more time, a little faster.

Now I’m going to apply the slide forward and the slide back technique. Again, I’m going to slide forward and check and bait my opponent a little bit, so I slide forward, I slide back. So one more time. I slide forward, I wait and throw the kick.

One more time. I’m going to slide forward, slide back, this way. And that’s how we do the slide forward and slide back technique in sparring.

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