How to do Sleeper Self defense technique

How to do Sleeper Self defense technique


This self-defense technique is part of the 24 self-defense techniques found in the purple belt rank system. Sleeper is a technique against a right punch to the face.

  • Sleeper is a simple but very effective technique found in Kenpo Karate many years ago when this technique was created Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was still in Brazil in its roots. I have heard comments like “Kenpo stole that from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”… really? I don’t think so, because back in the day when Mr. Parker there were no Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dojos in Pasadena according to some of the living Kenpo legends we have today.

You might do this technique differently, you might have a block or an extra step which depends on your head instructor, school, Kenpo association requirement.

Here is the step by step detail:

  • Depending on the intensity of the punch you could right step back while executing a left parry to redirect the arm, the parry goes to the elbow.
  • Deliver a hand strike to the left side of the neck while still controlling the arm.
  • Have both of your hands meet as you place your right foot behind his right foot.
  • Your left hand grabs your right wrist and then squeeze his neck, this will pause the blood flow and he will vanish then just turn and let him fall.
  • Step out.


  • Hold and squeeze firmly, then slowly drop your height as you turn to drop him off.

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