Skipping Side Kick in Taekwondo

Skipping Side Kick in Taekwondo

The Skipping Side Kick is one of the most effective kicks you can use in sparring, this kick is so effective that is has been added to other Martial Art styles and can also be seen in traditional open sparring competitions such as Sport Karate.

This is an offensive kick using your front leg, there are several ways to do this kick, one could be hoping and then kick, crossing your legs and kick.

Step by step:

  • Start on your fighting stance facing your opponent sideways
  • Drop your center and slightly bend your knees
  • Get closer and deliver your kick
  • Get back to your fighting stance

Master S.J. Woo, Kukkiwon-Certified Master Instructor, demonstrates skipping side kick (also called skip-up side kick) / b’areunbal yop chagi.


  • Align your body to increase the power of your kick.
  • Use your hip for depth.

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