Skipping Double Roundhouse Kick

This is Skipping Double Roundhouse Kick

This is the Skipping Double Roundhouse Kick found in the Blue belt or 4th gup in Taekwondo. The most important requirement for this technique is to dominate the Roundhouse kick properly then the rest would be foot maneuvers.

You can use the Skipping Double Roundhouse kick in sparring as an offensive move, keep in mind that most competitors tend to do the double roundhouse and then stop, this is when your opponent attacks. If you are in sparring, don’t just do your double kicks, add another kick right after the last one, your competitor won’t expect it.

Step by step

  • Start on your fighting stance
  • Skip to the front to get closer then┬ákick with the opposing leg
  • Before you land kick with your other leg


  • Develop a strong, fast, and accurate roundhouse kick.
  • Work on your foot maneuvers┬áto be able to move closer to your target faster.

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