Skipping Axe Kick in Taekwondo


The Skipping Axe Kick in Taekwondo is found in the green belt rank, you will need to know the basic Axe Kick and have certain level of flexibility.

This kick is highly used in sparring, is mostly done as a counter attack when the opponent has finished his attack or is stepping back. It requires speed, timing and flexibility.

This is not considered a powerful kick, but it can cause a fair amount of damage, in tournaments can provide you with great points if you master it.

Step by Step:

  • Get on your fighting stance.
  • Lift your front knee as you prepare to deliver the kick.
  • Use the momentum to move forward as you do your Axe Kick.
  • Go back to your starting fighting stance.



  • Always keep your hands up with this kick, and any other kick.
    You are shuffling forward as you kick to gain distance.

Taekwondo Techniques

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