How to Size Up Your Opponent

How to Size Up Your Opponent

Size Up Your Opponent

Today I’m here with Neiman Gracie, son of Marcio Macarrao Stambowsky of Rio de Janeiro.

Sizing up your opponent is very important. If I’m sizing up my opponent I want to notice maybe which hand is dominant, if he grabs his wallet which hand he uses. That might mean, obviously, that he’s left-handed. Or if he scratches, which hand is he making adjustments with more regularly. Also, I want to look at the arm length and the height of my opponent because different heights will dictate different styles of fighting. It’s very important to look at these tell-tales.

Also, does he have a long neck or a short neck? Is he more vulnerable to headshots? Am I going to find his chin? Most likely if he has a shorter neck it’s going to be harder to catch him in the chin. All these tell-tales are extremely important.

Also, if I have the opportunity and my opponent starts moving, how does he move. I’m watching his feet first and foremost. I’m also noticing that maybe he’s dropping both hands which make him susceptible, obviously, to punches. Or is he dropping his right hand? If he’s dropping his right hand but keeping his left hand up, even more, intriguing for me. Therefore I know he’s susceptible to my left hook which is a stealth punch.

Also, when he’s moving his feet, are his feet too wide? Open up your feet, Neiman. Are his feet too wide? Are his feet too short in length? All these tell-tales will expose certain vulnerabilities, and I want to capitalize on those vulnerabilities when the time is right.

Whether his feet are wide, short in length, whether his right hand’s down, simply looking at him and seeing how tall he is. In this case, I might have to fight shorter, because Neiman’s got a height advantage on me which means I might have to find a door this way or that way to land my attacks. This is all so important as far as how you’re going to approach your opponent.

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