How to Do a Single Leg Pelvic Tilt

How to Do a Single Leg Pelvic Tilt

So, I’m gonna demonstrate how to do a single leg
pelvic tilt. It is a [progression] from the normal pelvic tilt. So if you
haven’t mastered the pelvic tilt with both legs on the floor then don’t do
this one. This is much more isolated. You’ll feel this much more in the
hamstring. If you feel it in the calf then I’m gonna show you what to do to
eliminate that calf tightness.

First things first. You’re gonna lie back.
You’re gonna bring both feet in to your heels. I like to lift the toes.
This is a preference. This is a preference because if your feeling it in
the quad which you may not it just eliminates the quads from kicking in
because the hamstrings and the glutes are the things that we should be
working here. Also your pelvic floor muscles. What you’re doing is you’re
gonna lift your hips up in full extension squeezing your glutes at the top
and you’re gonna just extend one leg out long. I want you to drop your hips
and your glutes.

Tap the ground, go right back up into full extension. Okay
you can do this for about 10 to 15 reps. Maybe 20 but the whole idea here
is that you really want to make sure, that your hips come up in full
extension and you’re engaging your glutes as well. You may ask, “What are
you doing?

This is a hamstring and glute exercise.” You need to remember
that the core consists of everything. If you cut off your arms or your legs
that’s your core. We’re still very much engaging the pelvic floor muscles.
They play a vital role in core strength and control. That’s how you do a
single leg pelvic tilt.

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