How to Do Sidestep Technique 2 Taekwondo Training

Sidestep Technique

Sidestep Technique

I’m going to be showing you guys sidestep technique number two in sparring.

Now again, my opponent and I, were in a close stance. Now before we were showing the number one technique, we look like this. So if my opponent throws his rear leg, I go sideways. That was number one. But what if my opponent throws his front leg doing a hop step roundhouse kick and if I go to the same direction, I’m going to get hit.

So now I need to go the other way. Now sidestep number two, I’m going to first demonstrate. It looks like this. This time instead of your back leg going to the side, it’s your front leg that’s going to the side. So if it’s your left leg, go towards the left side like that. This way. Now we’re starting from a right leg back position. If I sidestep number two, boom, now I’m in a left leg back position. So be careful not to get confused.

Now I’m going to demonstrate. My opponent throws a hop step roundhouse kick. He throws it in. I sidestep this way. Now I like to counter attack with the roundhouse kick. This way. One more time, a little slower. Huh. Side. Now on this side. Same thing. I’m in a close stance. He does for the attack. Side step. Now a little faster speed. He comes in. Huh. And that’s how we do the sidestep number two technique in sparring.

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