How to Do a Side Sweep Glute Kickback

Side Sweep Glute Kickback

So you’re going to be on all fours, make sure your shoulders are aligned with your wrist in this positioning, your back is flat, so your abs are nice and tight, you don’t want to have a curl in that spine or an arch, you want to keep the back nice and flat.

So from here you’re going to start off with one leg out straight, toe is pointed the leg stays long, you’re going to sweep it out to the side, keeping that leg completely straight, you want to take it straight out to the side, like you’re slicing it across and then spring it right back. So you’re really going to feel this on that outer glute as you kick that leg out and then as you push it back, you’re going to squeeze your glute even tighter, and you’re going to feel it all throughout the entire glute area.

So you want to make sure that she slices straight across, you’re not going 45 degrees up and down, slice that leg straight across and then squeeze it straight back. So take it out and in, just like that, out and in, the same thing on the other side. So you can do about 10 to 12 reps each side, isolating, starting off with one leg and then moving to the other. Out and then squeeze it back, out and then squeeze it back.

And here you really want to make sure that you keep your weight on whatever side it is that you are working. When most people do this exercise, they tend to shift their body weight out to the side and it loses the effect on the glute. So you really want to keep those arms, those palms pushed down into the ground, and really swing that leg out to the side, when you swing it out to the side, press to whatever side that it is, this is my right leg, really press to that right palm as we swing it out to the side, and then swing it back just like that. So you keep that tension in whatever glute you’re working.

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