Side Snap Kick in Kenpo Karate

Side Snap Kick

Side Snap Kick

This is the Side Snap Kick in Kenpo Karate, which is a kick you will find in other Martial Art styles but executed differently in Kenpo. You will find it in many self-defense techniques, in the Kicking set 1 and in some forms of Kenpo Karate. This kick is a technique that allows adapting and preparing the counterattack, for example, a kick in the back of the knee to lower and control the height of the opponent, or a sidekick in the inner thigh to disable a stance and open targets.

Side Snap Kick Targets

This kick has various targets, but they are all from the waist down like the knee, hip, back of the leg, inner part of the leg to open.
A Kenpoista can throw a quick side kick higher but it is not recommended since all the weight is on one leg and on the street can be dangerous.

Side Snap Kick Step by Step

  1. From a neutral position lift your knee.
  2. Your knee aims to the target to kick sideways.
  3. Now stretch your leg reaching the target to kick quickly.
  4. After kicking immediately your foot falls into an advanced neutral position.


  • Do not raise the leg before kicking, since that is a kick that can be blocked and corresponds to the thrusting sidekick.
  • Aim the target with the knee before kicking.
  • Keep your hands up with all kicks.
  • Always return to a neutral stance.
  • After you kick make sure your forward knee is checking your opponent’s knee.

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