How to Do a Side Leg Raise

How to Do a Side Leg Raise

Side Leg Raise

How to do a side leg raise for a sexy butt. So for your side leg raise, you’re just going to want to keep that leg straight. We’re just going to do exactly how it sounds. Raise the leg out to the side and bring it back down. So you’re going to start off with that toe pointed. The leg is going to stay long. Again your posture is shoulders back, chest up, abs tight, you’re standing up nice and tall. You’re going to take that leg up, out the side, then bring it right back down.

So notice my body is still upright. I’m not tilting to the side. You’re going to lose the tension from your glute and that hip area if you move your body this way. So you want to stand up nice and tall. Keep the tension on the glute and the hip area. This exercise is really going to focus on that outer glute, outer hip area. So we’re going to bring that leg all the way up and down. Up and down, just like that. So again, you can start off ten on one side here, then ten on the other side. I’ll show you here. Same thing. Out to the side, take it up and down just like that like. Up and down. And that’s how you do side leg raises for a sexy butt.

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