How to Do a Side Kick in Taekwondo

How to Do a Side Kick in Taekwondo

Side Kick

The side kick is a technique you will find in many other martial art styles with different names and a few differences. Keep in mind these recommendations when executing your sidekick:

  • Bring your knee up before kicking.
  • Look at your target and then extend your leg to kick it.
  • Keep your knee, hips, and shoulders aligned when kicking.
  • Always keep your hands up because if you don’t you will hit your own elbow.

To improve your sidekick you need to have a well-positioned upper body, this will make your kick to flow easily naturally to you. There are variations of this kick but they do not matter if you do not master the basics steps of proper kicking.

You need to practice this kick with a punching bag or a person holding the kicking pad for you because you need to transfer the power you generate otherwise your knee will overextend.

When you can use this kick?

You can use it to push an attacker away from you. To keep distance in sparring. You can use it at the end of a self-defense technique to complete it.

Taekwondo Requirements

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