How to do a Side Break Fall

How to do a Side Break Fall

Side Break Fall

Professor Charles Dos Anjos of Wolfpack BJJ shows how to properly execute a Side Break Fall in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Learning to fall should be a must in every Martial Art style, many martial artists get injured just because they do not know how to fall. I have seen many injure their backs, knees, and elbows. Some while sparring and are being taken down land on the side of their backs.

I think white belts need to be taught how to fall from the beginning, regardless of the martial art style. There are four basic fall techniques: front, back, and side (right/left). Students need to learn they have to curve their backs, look at their belt to protect the neck and land safely. Crossing their arms is also recommended because it can help protect the middle section, face, and groin from any strike.

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