Shotokan Karate Kihon Technique Combination

Shotokan Karate Kihon Technique Combination

Shotokan Karate

All martial arts have technique combinations, this is a Shotokan knife hand block and reverse punch combination which is very traditional, can be found in techniques and Katas. This is considered traditional Karate with wide and strong stances.

As you can see in Shotokan Karate, strong and low stances to secure effectiveness. Let’s go over the shown technique:

  • Kokutso DachiĀ and Shudan Shuto Uke.
  • Step to the side to adjust your stance onto a Zenkutso Dachi with a suki to the solar plexus.

The power on your punch comes from the hip adjustment. You can amplify its power by adding a “kiai”, the power of your momentum and muscles.

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