How to do Shotei Uke Palm Heel Block

How to do Shotei Uke Palm Heel Block

Shotei Uke

A Shotei is a strike which can also be used as a block. When used as a strike it can be used against the face, the middle section, and the groin. When used as a block (uke) can be used in Age, Soto, Shudan and Gedan.

It has been said by many what if someone uses a Shotei as a block then it means he or she has been training for years and holds a black belt with a few degrees. It takes years of training to master the usage of Shotei Uke to use it properly, some advanced black belts use it in Kumite.

Recommendations for a proper Shotei Uke:

  • Keep all your fingers together.
  • Keep your thumb together to the inside of your hand.
  • Do not overextend your arm while blocking because you might hurt your elbow.
  • Keep your other hand ready to counterattack.

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