Shotei Uchi in Karate Step by Step


Shotei Uchi

This is Shotei Uchi, a strike you will find in Katas, also a very effective strike for self-defense techniques. The base of the palm makes contact with the target, not the fingers. This strike can generate a lot of power and produce damage if executed and applied properly.

This strike is not used in Kumite but you can still use it to keep your distance from your opponent or to keep him away to give you space to execute a kicking technique.

Shotei Uchi Targets

Shote Uchi can be applied to these three zones:

Jodan: nose, chin, jaw, side of the face. Here your fingers need to point up.

Shotei Uchi









Shudan: solar plexus, ribs. Here your fingers need to point to the side.

Gedan: groin. Here your fingers need to point down.


  • Do not overextend your arm when striking
  • Make sure your fingers are all together supporting each other
  • Do not lean forward when striking
  • Make sure you have a strong stance when striking

Karate Requirements

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