This is Shiko Dachi

Shiko Dachi in Traditional Karate

Shiko Dachi

Shiko Dachi It is a position similar to “Kiba Dachi” visually speaking, differing from it only in that the feet are open, pointing outwards at an angle of 45 °. It is known in the West as the position of the Sumo, or position of the sumotori for being the same position adopted by the famous fighters of this sport.

There are important details on Shiko Dachi that makes it different:

  • The knees in shiko Dachi tend outward, stretching the abductor muscles of the legs.
  • The hips lower slightly more than in Kiba Dachi, forming an angle between thighs and calves of 30º minimum and maximum 45º.
  • The hips in shiko Dachi rotate somewhat backward to keep the back straight.
  • And of course, the heels must be in line, just as the weight will balance equally on each leg.
  • In Shiko Dachi the hips can logically lower more than in the position “Kiba Dachi”. The separation of the feet is about twice the width of the shoulders.
  • It is a very weak position frontally but very solid laterally
  • This is a position that was used in ancient karate to finish an enemy fallen on the ground, for the ease of being able to lower the hips, bending the knees.

Shiko Dachi in Traditional Karate

Most common errors on Shiko Dachi:

  • Open your feet excessively, which will make shiko Dachi a very unstable position.
  • Pressing the knees too much inwards or too far outwards, in the first case, the position prevents displacement and in the second there will be a risk of injury.
  • Lower the position excessively exceeding 45º. which can cause injuries in the displacements, something common when practicing kata.
  • Recharge more one leg than the other.

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