How to do Shielding Hammer Self Defense Technique

How to do Shielding Hammer Self Defense Technique

Shielding Hammer

Self-defense against a left roundhouse punch. This is a simple and very effective technique which can be learned right away but mastering will take time. There are also several options available to add and subtract to this technique but we rather talk about this technique the way it was shown to most of us. Here are the steps:

  • As the left roundhouse punch comes, put your left foot back as you right block the punch.
  • With your block, you feed your hammer strike as the block comes up switch to your left hand to check your opponent.
  • Execute a down hammer to the side of his head/face and as the right keeps coming down take it to your middle section.
  • Come back with the same arm executing an outward elbow strike to his solar plexus while your left hand is checking or even poking his eyes as he leans forward.

GM Flores demonstrates here this technique and shares his insights.


  • Always keep your left check in place, the attacker might throw a second punch with his other hand.
  • Drop your height on the elbow strike to amplify the intensity of the strike.

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